Global Talent Visas

Facts about the Global Talent Visas

The Global Talent Visa was introduced in the middle of 2019 and is still available now in 2020.

  • Already 5000 of these visas have been granted.
  • There are 15,000 more of these visas to grant.

These visas can be granted within a few months.

Allow the applicant to live, work and travel to and from Australia permanently.

The Department of Home Affairs fee to apply for this visa is free.

Our Professional Migration Agents’ full-service fixed fee for this visa is AUD5000 payable in two payments of AUD2,500.

50% for the identifier, and 50% for the visa.


Sectors include:

Agriculture and Technology

Accountants and Technology

Mining and Technology

Medical Science and Technology

Information and Computer Technology, and more.


Pathways for the Global Talent Visa

There are two pathways:

  1. PhD Pathway
  • Your PhD is complete, or PhD is almost complete.
  • You must have published articles and presented at International Conferences at least 4 or more.
  • You must have global and International recognition in your field.
  • Generally, you have been in Australia, or are in Australia.
  • You must show a prospect of a job.
  1. High Income pathway
  • You can show you have an income of AUD153,600 or more.
  • You also need international recognition.

Of the two pathways above, pathway number 1. PhD Pathway is the most common and successful pathway.


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