Student Visas

NEWS ABOUT the new Student Visas

The new Student Visas began on 1st July, 2016

Before this date there were 5 types of Student Visas and now there is ONE.

Enrolment in your Course

If you enrol in your course with Crawford Migration (CM), we will usually process your student Visa for no extra Professional Fee. We ensure you have applied for and being accepted to study in a full-time course.

Students are aged 18 to 30 years of age and permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight while the course is running. During holidays period they can work full-time. This is good both financially and also the student can gain work experience in Australia.

Whilst studying here in Australia, the student can build up their network and use job searching strategies such as those you can study about with our associates who can help the student with sponsored jobs to apply for and how to seek and find them in Australia.

Once the student graduates from their course, the advantage is that if they have been studying their course they are elligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa that will allow the student to work. As soon as the student has achieved the completion of the course and enough work experience for the Occupation. The Temporary Work Visa leads to Permanancy. Apart from the Temporary Work Visa there are also Visa options with the Employer Nomination Scheme and the Regional Sponsorship Scheme. Each State or Territory of Australia likes to match the needs of their State with how many Visas and what Occupations they will Sponsor.

The advantage for a young person studying in Australia is that the Australian Study experience counts a lot toward the student’s employment and Career Chances in Australia.The Students’ family can also enter and stay in Australia with the Student and the partner of the Student is permitted to work full-time whist the Student Visa is current. The Visa usually last for one to two months after the Study course is completed. Therefore, if your course is completed in Novemeber or December, your visa will be good until 16th of March the next year.


English Requirement

If the student is coming to Study an English Course they do not need an English Language Test to apply for the Course. For other courses evidence that you have taken an English Language Test in the last two years is needed at the time you apply to enter the new course.

There are two English Language Testing Tests that we recommend, who will provide you with a Certificate that we recommend because they are widely known and available Australia and World-wide.

William Crawford