Gold Coast and Perth have been declared regional Australia

Skilled migrants are now encouraged to move to the Gold Coast and Perth as a part of the new Federal Government plan to relieve congestion in Australia's three biggest cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Both Gold Coast and Perth asked to be named as regional areas to welcome a greater number of skilled workers.


Looking at the population growth which was occuring in Australia almost 70% of it was concerntrating around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 


Migrants who choose to move to regional areas will rceive priority on the list for a regional visa.


This is the first time ever these areas have been named on the regional list.


The Government has calculated their decision carefully as the 70% growth migrating to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane was simply unsustainable. In addition, another 2000 foreign worker positions have been added to the number of visas available. 


Other current statistics show the migration cap at 160,000 and 25,000 regional visas. 


For migrants who agree to work for three years their applications will receive priority over others on the list and furthermore, they will be elligible to apply for permanent residency on completion of their three years. 


This has created an excitement of activity amoung migrants.


We found the full story on the ABC news.