Business Visa Program to Australia

The current business visa program we have today was changed in 2012. Business visa program visas also began being processed with Skill Select in 2012.

The way to ensure success of a business visa application is careful planning. An expert business plan writer will help you with a business plan and the business plan will also assist your migration agent to make a successful application for your business.

The first step is to engage your migration agent to consult and advise you about choosing the right business visa for you. The migration agency will determine your needs. The agent will need to make sure your business meets both the State or Territories’ as well as Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) needs.

When your migration agent lodges your expression of interest, the supporting documents are not needed right away. However, make sure you have gathered all the documentation as you will only have less than 60 days to provide all documentation after we receive your invitation.

A well-prepared business plan and proposal can save time for the applicant, migration agent and State Authority. For the Sub class 132 Business Talent visa and the Sub class 188a Business Innovation and Investment Visa you are required to provide a business plan and summary.

The business plan must be written using a specific format provided by a professional business plan service provider. The business proposal will cover points such as;

Business Proposal

  • industry
  • location
  • new or existing business
  • percentage of ownership
  • role in business venture
  • business type

Business Career – previous industry experience

  • previous business – years involved
  • positions held
  • percentage of ownership
  • business performance

Marketing Research

  • why do you want to set up?
  • target market
  • suppliers
  • competitors
  • potential licence issues

Contributions to the State or Territory economy – How your business aims to contribute to the State. For example;

  • technology
  • export markets
  • employment
  • regional investment
  • help the local economy

 This information for Business Visas and more is available from our migration agent and we can provide native speakers in each language should you not have functional English language ability. Our migration agent can also consult and advise about a business visa for your needs.

William Crawford

Director / Migration Specialist